Hike: Mount Tecumseh

Trail Report

On Black Friday I followed suit with REI and opted outside rather than flocking to the mall like a normal American person. Although I have a weakness for hiking gear, books and electronics, I try to follow a minimalist approach to my life; gathering experiences rather than stuff. When I heard that REI was closing their doors on Black Friday so all their employees could spend the day outside, it aligned with my ideals and I joined them.

Tecumseh sits at the bottom of the New England 4000 Footer list at 4003′ feet and is the peak looming over Waterville Valley Ski Resort. I had been putting the hike off for those reasons as well as the drive to it took me across the lowlands of Maine and New Hampshire rather than through the White Mountains. But, with the number of peaks remaining on my 4000 Footer list dwindling and the fact that it was going to be cloudy, it seemed like a good day to final hike it.

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