Hike: Tumbledown 2020

At the beginning of the Quarantine Summer of 2020, Lindsay and I camped for the weekend at Mount Blue state park and hiked the classic Tumbledown Mountain. The plan was to make a loop of all of the Tumbledown peaks and Little Jackson, starting and ending at Brook Trail. Our plans were foiled when a thunderstorm rolled in as we got to the most remote and true peak of Tumbledown, the north peak. We bailed and bushwhacked down to Tumbledown Pond, skirted around it and went back down Brook Trail. Of course, the sun was back out as we returned to Tumbledown Pond.


  • Parked at Brook Trail parking on Weld To Byron Road in Weld, ME
  • Hiked Brook Trail to intersection with Loop Trail at Tumbledown Pond
  • Left on Loop Trail to Tumbledown East Peak and Tumbledown Southwest Peak and back to intersection with Tumbledown North Peak bushwhack
  • Left on Tumbledown North Peak bushwhack to Tumbledown North Peak and col between Tumbledown Mountain and Little Jackson Mountain
  • Right on bushwhack around Tumbledown Pond back to intersection with Brook Trail
  • Left on Brook Trail back to parking



Date: 06 June 2020
Distance: 6.8 miles
Moving Time: 03:44:38
Pace: 32:53/mile
Elevation Gain: 2065′

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Hike: Tumbledown Mountain


At work I was part of a hiking group and although I ‘d planned several hikes I hadn’t actually attended one. So in June I put together a hike of Tumbledown Mountain and lead the hike. We met at work shortly before 7:00 am and took a couple of cars up to Weld, Maine. There were five of us from work as well as a couple of our kids, including both of mine.

We arrived at the parking lot for Loop Trail on Byron Road at 9:30 am. There were plenty of cars at both lots, but neither were full yet. We dropped everyone off and returned to the parking lot at Brook Trail in order to plant a vehicle at the end of our hike. Once it was secured we returned to the others waiting at the Loop Trail.

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Hike: Tumbledown/Little Jackson

Trail Report

For the last couple of years I’ve spent many of my vacation days hiking midweek in September and October. This proved to be a little more difficult this year because my wife is no longer runs a business out of the home and uses the car every day. Luckily I was able to convince my friends Mike and John to take a Tuesday off in September and they shuttled my butt to the mountains.

Mike organized the hike of Tumbledown Mountain and Little Jackson, a couple of superb 3000 Footers in the middle of Maine. We stayed at the nearly empty campground at Mount Blue State Park where we cooked dinner over the campfire and waded into Webb Lake long after dark to stargaze and hope that the intermittent lightning over the horizon would stay away.

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