Winter Hike: Howe, Shelburne Moriah, Moriah

Jeff, John, Michael and I planned on taking a day off to hike Mount Washington on the second day of winter. The forecast showed Mount Washington in the clouds all day with gusty winds from the Northwest, and a some snow and increased winds in the afternoon. So we switched up our plans and did Mount Moriah via a Howe Peak bushwhack and over Shelburne Moriah Mountain. The weather and views weren’t great but I knocked off a New Hampshire 200 Highest, two trails red-lined, a new section of the AT, and got Mount Moriah for my December Grid and New Hampshire Winter 4000 Footer list.


  • Left vehicle at Rattle River Trail parking off Route 2 in Shelburne, NH
  • Parked at Shelburne Trail North parking off Conner Road in Shelburne, NH
  • Hiked up Shelburne Trail to intersection with Kenduskeag Trail
  • Bushwhacked east to Howe Peak and back
  • Turned right on Kenduskeag Trail over Shelburne Moriah Mountain to intersection with Carter-Moriah Trail
  • Turned right on Carter-Moriah Trail to Moriah spur trail
  • Turned left on Moriah spur trail and climbed to Mount Moriah summit and back
  • Turned right on Carter-Moriah Trail back to intersection with Kenduskeag Trail
  • Turned left on Kenduskeag Trail and returned to intersection with Rattle River Trail
  • Turned left on Rattle River Trail and hiked down to parking lot



Date: 22 December 2020
Distance: 14.8 miles
Moving Time: 07:18
Pace: 29:33/mile
Elevation Gain: 4019′

Tracing White Mountains Trails:
Kenduskeag Trail
Rattle River Trail

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Hike: Shelburne Moriah


Shelburne Moriah, the sometimes overlooked sibling if 4000 footer Mount Moriah, is one of the taller 52 with a View mountains. In mid-November 2016 I tackled this summit not just for its status on the aforementioned list, but because it was supposed to be a beautiful summit to behold.

I parked at the Shelburne Trail head and hiked on the Shelburne Trail until it intersected with the Kenduskeag Trail. I followed the Kenduskeag trail to the summit of Shelburne Moriah and little beyond, and returned via the same route. The trip was 11 miles long, included 3600 feet of elevation and took just under 6 and a half hours to complete.

Hike Shelburne Moriah

Map of hike

After a moment of confusion and consulting my maps, I found my way to the parking lot at the start of the Shelburne Trail off of Route 2 in Shelburne, New Hampshire. It was cool, windy and cloudy, but there was only one other car in the parking lot, so I knew the hike would be a solitary one.

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