Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop

In early September, Jeff and I did a Pemi Loop. It was my 4th Pemi Loop, but I went because I rarely pass up the opportunity for this epic hike, and to fill out some of my September Grid. It was Jeff’s first 24-hour attempt of the loop, which is required for the Northeast Ultra 8 list. We parked the evening before and hiked up Eastside Trail and camped in the woods to get a nice early start on the hike (and we were unable to get a campsite in the area). It was a fabulous day full of hikers and runners doing the loop, many of which we saw multiple times and cheered each other on.


  • Parked Lincoln Woods Visitor Center on Kancamagus Highway, Lincoln, NH
  • Hiked Lincoln Woods Trail to intersection with Osseo Trail
  • Left on Osseo Trail to Mount Flume and Mount Liberty
  • Continue on Franconia Ridge Trail to Mount Lincoln, Mount Lafayette
  • Continue on Garfield Ridge Trail to Mount Garfield and Galehead Hut
  • Right on Frost Trail to Mount Galehead summit and back
  • Right on Twinway Trail to South Twin and to intersection with Bondcliff Trail
  • Continue on Bondcliff Trail to Mount Bond, Bondcliff, and down to Wilderness Trail
  • Right on Wilderness Trail to Lincoln Woods Trail
  • Continue on Lincoln Woods Trail back to parking



Date: 05 September 2020
Distance: 29.6 miles
Moving Time: 12:48:29
Pace: 25:59/mile
Elevation Gain: 9273′

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Hike: 2016 Pemi Loop


My first big, multi-day hike was a three day Pemigewasset Loop in July 2013 with a great group of friends. I decided that I wanted to push myself a little and attempt the Pemi Loop in a single day. Or, since I started in the evening, in a 24-hour period. I would be doing the hike solo, and with just a hammock and emergency bivy if I was forced to stop.

Since I had hiked Franconia Ridge plenty, I decided to set out clockwise from Lincoln Woods. That way I would do Franconia Ridge at night and the Bonds during daylight. I also decided to stick just to the Loop, no side hikes to Galehead or West Bond (or the further but attainable North Twin and Zealand).

Trail map

Map of hike (interactive map)

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