Hike: Taconic Crest Trail

The Taconic Crest Trail is the third Northeast Ultra 8 hike that I completed. It traverses a mountain range that makes up the northern half of the border between Massachusetts and New York and hits Vermont for a hot minute. Jeff, John, Michael and I got a Tentrr in Vermont for the night before and after, and hiked the trail on a perfect Saturday in May. The trail mostly cuts through mellow terrain in hardwood forest with the occasional vista and pond, but there are definitely a few climbs not to scoff at. We were alone for the most part but we started to see people around Berlin Mountain, and White Rocks with its Snow Hole seemed popular.


  • Water stash at Petersburg Pass parking off Route 2 in Petersburg, NY
  • Car drop at Taconic Crest Trail parking off Route 346 in Petersburg, NY
  • Car drop with resupply at parking on Madden Road in Hancock, MA


  • Parked at Taconic Crest Trail parking off Route 20 in Hancock, MA
  • Hiked Taconic Crest Trail over Tower Mountain to Berry Pond Circuit Road
  • Left on Berry Pond Circuit Road to Taconic Crest Trail
  • Left on Taconic Crest Trail over Berry Hill to Potter Mountain Road
  • Left on Potter Mountain Road to Main Street
  • Right on Main Street to Madden Road
  • Left on Madden Road to resupply car and Taconic Crest Trail
  • Straight on Taconic Crest Trail over Misery Mountain and Berlin Mountain to water stash at Petersburg Pass
  • Straight on Taconic Crest Trail over White Rocks and Bald Mountain to Route 346 parking




Date: 15 May 2021
Distance: 36.5 miles
Moving Time: 12:01:54
Pace: 19:45/mile
Elevation Gain: 8921′

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