Hike: Little Wildcat, Carter Dome, Hight

Jeff and I originally wanted to get one last hike in before the end of winter, but when I couldn’t swing it we instead hiked the next weekend. The idea was to Grid the Wildcats and Carters, as well as do some White Mountain trail tracing, and a couple small AT sections for me. We originally planned to hike up Wildcat Ski Resort, but shortly after arriving we were turned around and told that there was no uphill travel while the ski lifts are running. So we adjusted our plans and landed on just doing the Carters from Nineteen Mile Brook to northern trailhead of Imp Trail (where my car was already planted). On the way up Nineteen Mile we decided to do Little Wildcat Mountain, a New Hampshire 200 Highest, on a whim. But the day warmed up, and the snow turned to mashed potatoes. By the time we slogged out Little Wildcat and ascended Carter Dome I was exhausted. We ended up just doing Mount Hight and out. A good example for future me of being flexible enough to change plans and route to ensure the day is enjoyable.


  • Parked at Nineteen Mile Brook parking on Route 16 in Gorham, NH
  • Hike Nineteen Mile Brook Trail to around 2650′
  • Bushwhack to Little Wildcat Mountain and back
  • Continue up Nineteen Mile Brook Trail to intersection with Carter-Moriah Trail
  • Left on Carter-Moriah Trail over Carter Dome and Mount Hight to intersection with Carter Dome Trail at Zeta Pass
  • Left on Carter Dome Trail to Nineteen Mile Brook Trail
  • Right on Nineteen Mile Brook Trail back to parking




Date: 27 March 2021
Distance: 10.8 miles
Moving Time: 04:44:46
Pace: 26:24/mile
Elevation Gain: 4524′

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