Stroll to LA

Lindsay picked up a weekend shift in Lewiston and my car wasn’t registered, so no going to the mountains for me. Instead, I decided to see if I could walk to Lewiston before Lindsay’s shift was up. Because why not? I left shortly after she did and began walking back roads toward Lewiston. I nearly turned around at mile 10 when I got a hotspot on my foot and my legs began to ache. But I decided to push on. At mile 20 I laid down for about 10 minutes and elevated my feet on a tree stump. That did the trick, because by mile 22 I came out of the pain cave and the final 10 miles were cruizer. Lindsay ended up picking me up in Auburn. I was maybe an hour shy of reaching Lewiston, which was unfortunate because I had my eye on grabbing a beer at Baxter Brewing.


  • Walked down Congress Street to Eastern Promenade Street
  • Left on Eastern Promenade Street to Eastern Prom Midslope Trail
  • Right on Eastern Prom Midslope Trail to Loring Stairs
  • Right on Loring Stairs to Bayside Trail
  • Right on Bayside Trail to Back Cove Trail
  • Left on Back Cove Trail to Washington Avenue
  • Right on Washington Avenue to Presumpscot Street
  • Right on Presumpscot Street to Ocean Avenue
  • Right on Ocean Avenue to Falmouth


  • Walked down Middle Road to Longwoods Road
  • Straight onto Longwoods Road to Cumberland


  • Walked down Longwoods Road to Main Street
  • Straight onto Main Street with break at Greeley High School and on to North Yarmouth


  • Walked down Cumberland Road to Walnut Hill Road
  • Left on Walnut Hill Road to Memorial Highway
  • Right on Memorial Highway to Village Square Road
  • Left on Village Square Road to Sam Ristich Trail
  • Right on Sam Ristich Trail to Oak Hill Road
  • Right on Oak Hill Road to Memorial Highway
  • Left on Memorial Highway with break at Baston Park to West Pownal Road
  • Left on West Pownal Road to Lawrence Road
  • Right on Lawrence Road to Pownal


  • Walked down Lawrence Road with break at Tyron Mountain trailhead to Auburn Pownal Road
  • Right on Auburn Pownal Road to Durham


  • Walked down Auburn Pownal Road to Auburn


  • Walked down Pownal Road to Fickett Road
  • Right on Fickett Road to Sopers Mill Road
  • Left on Sopers Mill Road to Penley Corner Road
  • Right on Penley Corner Road to Riverside Drive
  • Left on Riverside Drive until picked up at Maine Turnpike underpass



Date: 3 April 2021
Distance: 31.8 miles
Moving Time: 09:05:25
Pace: 17:09/mile
Elevation Gain: 2425′

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