Hike: Black Cap, Cranmore, Hurricane

I shot up to the White Mountains to do some tracing of trails and a couple New Hampshire 500 Highest peaks. After the easy hike to Black Cap I headed to Cranmore Mountain and caught sight of a black bear cub off in the forest. I passed a bunch of mountain bikers on Cranmore Trail and wish I had brought my wallet when I discovered that there was an ice cream shop (with beer) at the top of the ski lifts. After heading back to the trail head I bushwhacked up to Hurricane Mountain. I decided to head down the road a little ways to approach the climb where it was less steep, but halfway up I found an old trail with blazes and cairns, and followed it to the summit and back down to the road (the more eastern route on the below map).


  • Parked at Black Cap Trail Head on Hurricane Road in Conway, New Hampshire
  • Hiked Black Cap Trail to summit of Black Cap
  • Right on Black Cap Spur to intersection with Black Cap Connector
  • Right on Black Cap Connector to intersection with Black Cap Trail
  • Left on Black Cap Trail to intersection with Cranmore Trail
  • Left on Cranmore Trail to summit of Cranmore Mountain and back
  • Left on Black Cap Trail to Trail Head
  • Left on Hurricane Road to get to more gentle slope of Hurricane Mountain
  • Bushwhack up Hurricane Mountain to old Hurricane Mountain Trail
  • Left on old Hurricane Mountain Trail to summit and back to road
  • Left on Hurricane Road back to Trail Head



Date: 06 June 2021
Distance: 6.3 miles
Moving Time: 02:15:43
Pace: 21:42/mile
Elevation Gain: 1581′

Tracing White Mountains Trails:
Black Cap Trail
Cranmore Trail
Black Cap Spur

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