Trail Run: Belknaps

As one of my long weekend runs, and in order to do the Belknap Range Hiker badge, I planned on doing a loop of the entire Belknap Range. Short-sightedly, I only brought 1 liter of water at the start. I had a filter and 2 liters of capacity, but I thought I could pull off 1 liter until I hit Round Pond. I was wrong. It was warm and humid and the climb back up Piper from Whiteface had the midday sun on my back. I got to Round Pond dehydrated and completely drained. After drinking as much water as I could and napping by the pond’s edge, I bailed on my plans and headed back to my car.


  • Parked at Gunstock Mountain Resort off Panorama Drive in Gilford, NH
  • Ran up Single Chair Ski Path to Mount Rowe
  • Left on Ridge Trail to summit of Gunstock Mountain
  • Left on Brook Trail to intersection with Saddle Trail
  • Right on Saddle Trail to intersection with Blue Trail
  • Straight on Blue Trail to summit of Belknap Mountain
  • Left on White Trail to intersection with Old Piper Trail
  • Right on Old Piper Trail to summit of Piper Mountain and on to intersection with Piper-Whiteface Link
  • Right on Piper-Whiteface Link to intersection with Whiteface Trail
  • Left on Whiteface Trail to summit of Whiteface Mountain and back to summit of Piper Mountain and to intersection with Round Pond / Piper Link
  • Right on Round Pond / Piper Link to intersection with Round Pond Trail
  • Right on Round Pond Trail to Round Pond and back to intersection
  • Right on Round Pond Trail to Maple Ski Path
  • Left on Maple Ski Trail back to parking lot



Date: 09 August 2020
Distance: 14.2 miles
Moving Time: 05:01:49
Pace: 21:11/mile
Elevation Gain: 3499′

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Sunrise Hike: Mount Major

Trail Report

A friend of mine and I made plans to hike Mount Cube the first weekend in April, but one mountain was (of course) not enough for me. So I left home at 3:30 am in order to hike Mount Major for sunrise before meeting him and his brother at Mount Cube.

I arrived at the Mount Major parking at 5:15 am and there were already two cars in the lot. I was slightly concerned about doing the hike in the dark as I had never been to Mount Major. This hadn’t stopped me in the past, but then I’d had the descriptions from the AMC White Mountains Guide to help me. I started up Boulder Loop Trail anyway.

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