Tracing the White Mountains Trails

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Red-lining is hiking all the trails in the AMC White Mountain Guide. Its name is derived from tracing the trail with a red marker when complete, or for the fact that trails are red on the guide book maps. Redlining, as it relates to history, is the systematic denial of goods to minority communities. Words have different meanings, contexts, and derivations. But, the outdoors is a public resource and should be equally available to all without the added overhead of enduring negative connotations. For that reason, I am now referencing the act of hiking all of the trails in the AMC guide book as tracing, and have updated all references on this site as such.

Below is a list of the different sections of the 30th edition guide book and the trails that I have traced.

Total Trails: 627
Trails Completed:
Percentage Completed:

Total Miles: 1454.1 miles
Miles Completed: 702.1 miles
Percentage Completed: 48.3%

Mount Washington and Southern Ridges
Tuckerman Ravine Trail
Huntington Ravine Trail
Nelson Crag Trail
Boott Spur Trail
Glen Boulder Trail
The Direttissma
Camel Trail
Westside Trail
Trinity Heights Connector
Old Jackson Road
Crawford Path
Crawford Connector
Crawford Cliff Spur
Mount Eisenhower Loop
Mount Monroe Loop
Edmands Path
Webster-Jackson Trail
Webster-Jackson Trail – Webster Branch
Webster-Jackson Trail – Jackson Branch
Elephant Head Spur
Webster Cliff Trail
Mizpah Cutoff
Mt Clinton Trail
Mt Eisenhower Trail
Davis Path
Mount Crawford Side Trail
Giant Stairs Side Trail
Mount Davis Side Trail
Stairs Col Trail
Rocky Branch Trail – North
Rocky Branch Trail – South
Isolation Trail – West
Isolation Trail – East
Winniweta Falls Trail
Iron Mountain Trail
Iron Mountain – Mine Trail

The Northern Peaks and the Great Gulf
Gulfside Trail
Mount Jefferson Loop
Mount Clay Loop
Great Gulf Link Trail
Madison Gulf Trail
Osgood Trail
Osgood Cutoff
Daniel Webster-Scout Trail
Parapet Trail
The Brookside
Watson Path
Valley Way
Lower Bruin
Air Line
Air Line Cutoff
Star Lake Trail
Spur Trail
Hincks Trail
Lowes Path

The Franconia, Twin and Willey Ranges
Franconia Ridge Trail
Liberty Spring Trail
Whitehouse Trail
Falling Waters Trail
Old Bridle Path
Greenleaf Trail
Skookumchuck Trail
Garfield Ridge Trail
Garfield Ridge Shelter Spur
Gale River Trail
Frost Trail
Twinway Trail
Zealand Mountain Spur
North Twin Spur
North Twin Trail
Zealand Trail
Lend-a-Hand Trail
Hale Brook Trail
Sugarloaf Trail
Sugarloaf Trail – North Sugarloaf Branch
Mount Willard Trail
Avalon Trail
Beecher Pearl Cascades Loop
A-Z Trail
Ethan Pond Trail
Ethan Pond Campsite Spur
Kedron Flume Trail
Willey Range Trail
Mount Tom Spur
Arethusa Falls Trail
Bemis Brook Trail
Lincoln Woods Trail
Osseo Trail
Black Pond Trail
Franconia Falls Trail
Bondcliff Trail
Guyot Shelter Spur
West Bond Spur

The Carrigain and Moat Regions
Signal Ridge Trail
Desolation Trail
Hancock Loop Trail
Forest Discovery Trail
Forest Discovery Loop
Mount Tremont Trail
Moat Mountain Trail
Red Ridge Trail
Red Ridge Link
Echo Lake Trail
Bryce Path
Bryce Link
White Horse Ledge Trail

Cannon and Kinsman
Kinsman Ridge Trail
Bald Mountain – Artist Bluff Path
Bald Mountain Spur
Lonesome Lake Trail
Around-Lonesome-Lake Trail
Hi-Cannon Trail
Cascade Brook Trail
Fishin’ Jimmy Trail
Mount Pemigewasset Trail

The Moosilauke Region
South Peak Spur
Gorge Brook Trail
Snapper Trail
Velvet Rocks Trail
Hanover Center Trail
Moose Mountain Trail
Holts Ledge Trail
Trapper John Shelter Spur
Lambert Ridge Trail
J Trail
Kodak Trail
Mount Cube Trail
North Cube Side Trail
Cross Rivendell Cube Section

The Waterville Valley and Squam Lake Regions
Mount Tecumseh Trail
Sossman Trail
Welch-Dickey Loop Trail
Timber Camp Trail
Goodrich Rock Trail
Big Pines Path
Kettles Path
Irene’s Path
Old Skidder Trail
Greeley Ponds Trail North
Greeley Ponds Trail South
Lower Greeley Pond Trail
Pine Bend Brook Trail
Sabbaday Brook Trail
Sandwich Mountain Trail
Jennings Peak Spur
Drakes Brook Trail
Guinea Pond side path
Mead Trail
Wentworth Trail
Bearcamp River Trail
Mount Morgan Trail
Morse Trail

Mount Chocorua and the Eastern Sandwich Range
Champney Fall Trail
Pitcher/Champney Falls Loop
Middle Sister Trail
Piper Trail
Camp Penacook Trail
Nickerson Ledge Trail
Weetamoo Trail
Hammond Trail
Liberty Trail
West Side Trail
Bee Line Trail Chocorua Branch
Bee Line Trail Paugus Branch
Whitin Brook Trail
Cabin Trail
Lawrence Trail
Kelley Trail
Oliverian Brook Trail
Old Mast Road
Passaconaway View Spur
Walden Trail
Wonalancet Range Trail
Passaconaway Cutoff
Square Ledge Trail
Square Ledge Branch Trail
UNH Trail
Mount Potash Trail
Rollins Trail
Blueberry Ledge Trail
Kate Sleeper Trail
East Sleeper Spur
Gordon Path

The Carter and Baldface Ranges
Carter Dome Trail
North Carter Trail
Kenduskeag Trail
Rattle River Trail
Basin Trail
Hermit Falls Loop
Royce Trail
Royce Connector Trail
Baldface Circle Trail
Emerald Pool Spur
Chandler Gorge Loop
Hutmen’s Trail
Hall’s Ledge Trail
Black Mountain Ski Trail
Black Mountain Cutoff
Eagle Mountain Path
Doublehead Ski Trail
Old Path
New Path
South Doublehead View Spur
Mount Kearsarge North Trail
Weeks Brook Trail
Province Brook Trail
Black Cap Trail
Cranmore Trail
Black Cap Spur
Peaked Mountain Trail
Middle Mountain Trail
Peaked – Middle Mountain Connector
Pudding Pond Trai.

Speckled Mountain Region
Bickford Brook Trail
Blueberry Ridge Trail
Bickford Slides Loop
Blueberry Mountain Loop
Evergreen Link Trail
Great Brook Trail
Stone House Trail
Rattlesnake Pool Spur
White Cairn Trail
Shell Pond Loop Trail
Conant Trail
Mine Loop
Mine Loop Connector
Deer Hills Trail
Deer Hills Connector
Deer Hills Bypass
Deer Hill Spring Spur
Ledges Trail
Frost Trail

The Mahoosuc Range Area
Mahoosuc Trail
Old Speck Trail
Eyebrow Trail

Northern New Hampshire
Will’s Way
Grassy Lane
Peek Path
Boothman Spring Cutoff
Cook Path
Ice Gulch Path
Peboamauk Loop
Horn Spur
Terrace Mountain Spur
Starr King Trail
York Pond Trail
Bunnell Notch Trail

Huntington Cascade Trail
Three Brothers Trail

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