New Hampshire 100 Highest

The New Hampshire 100 Highest is a list of the 100 highest named mountains with a prominence over 180′ in New Hampshire. The first 48 mountains are the same as the New Hampshire 4000 Footers list. I’ve included notes and the dates that I’ve hiked the mountains.

New Hampshire 4000 Footers: 48 of 48
New Hampshire 100 Highest: 20 of 52
Completed 68 of 100 (68%)

Sandwich3960′06-05-2016Solo Sandwich Dome hike
The Bulge3940′11-15-2015Solo Cabot loop hike
Nancy3926′10-10-2016Solo Nancy hike
The Horn3905′11-15-2015Solo Cabot loop hike
North Weeks3901′09-30-2016Solo Terrace/Weeks hike
South Weeks3885′11-22-2015Solo Waumbek hike
Vose Spur3862′07-01-2016Bushwhack with Jeff
East Sleeper3840′09-25-2015Solo Sandwich Range traverse
Peak Above the Nubble3813′09-14-2017Solo PATN bushwhack
Scar Ridge3774′09-21-2017Solo Scar Ridge bushwhack
The Cannon Balls3769′10-01-2014Solo Kinsman-Cannon loop hike
Shelburne Moriah3735′11-13-2016Solo Shelburne Moriah hike
Hutchins (Pilot)3730′
Blue (Stratford)3730′
Sugarloaf (Groveton)3710′
South Huntington3700′
South Hale3700′
West Field3691′
Middle Weeks3684′11-22-2015Solo hike Mount Waumbek to Middle Weeks
East Deception3671′
West Garfield Ridge3667′
Middle Long3661′
West Long3661′
East Terrace3655′09-30-2016Solo Terrace to Middle Weeks hike
Stub Hill3627′
East Scar Ridge3620′
Middle Hitchcock3620′
Middle Pilot Ridge3615′
Muise (Whitcomb)3615′
North Baldface3610′06-20-2015Solo Baldfaces loop hike
Scaur3605′06-08-2019Scaur, Tripyramids, Fool Killer hike with Jeff
East Garfield Ridge3590′
Castle West Peak3590′
Mary (Pilot E)3570′
South Baldface3570′06-20-2015Solo Baldfaces loop hike
Success3565′08-07-2021Mahoosuc Traverse with Jeff and John
Cherry (Owl’s Head)3563′
Fool Killer3548′06-08-2019Scaur, Tripyramids, Fool Killer hike with Jeff
Captain (Carrigain)3540′
Unknown Pond3510′
Chocorua3500′01-17-2016Solo Chocorua sunrise winter hike

NH 100 Highest

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