New Hampshire 500 Highest

The New Hampshire 500 Highest list is made up of the 501 mountains with the highest elevation and at least 180′ prominence in New Hampshire. The highest 473 mountains are part of the New Hampshire 2000 Footers list and an additional 28 are listed here. I’ve included notes and the dates that I’ve hiked the mountains.

New Hampshire 2000 Footers: 121 of 473
Other New Hampshire 500 Highest: 0 of 28
Completed 121 of 501 (24.2%)

South Ad Chase Brook1991′
Jewell Hill1990′
Location Hill1990′
Black Lake1982′
Eagle Cliff West1980′
Hall Ponds1980′
North Shatney1970′
West Plymouth1970′
Farr Hill1963′
Currier Hill1958′
Melville Hill1958′
Oak Hill1958′
Rowes Hill1950′
South Chickwolnepy1950′
Spruce Hill1950′
Tracey Brook1950′
Bear Hill1948′
Garnet Hill1942′
South Thompson Hill1942′
Tinkerville Peak1942′

New Hampshire 500 Highest Objective 48×

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