New Hampshire 200 Highest

The New Hampshire 200 Highest list is made up of the 203 mountains with an elevation of 2900′ or higher in New Hampshire. The list is made up of the 175 mountains from the New Hampshire 3000 Footers list plus Mount Guyot and 27 2000′ mountains. I’ve included notes and the dates that I’ve hiked the mountains.

New Hampshire 3000 Footers: 89 of 175
Other New Hampshire 200 Highest: 6 of 28
Completed 95 of 203 (46.8%)

Guyot4580′07-27-20132013 Pemi loop with Brennan, Igor, John and Michael
Shaw2990′11-28-2020Mount Shaw hike with Lindsay
Sugar Hill2988′
East Kineo2981′
Scott Bog Peak2981′
Bartlett Haystack2980′
East Stairs2967′
Howe2966′12-22-2020Howe, Shelburne Moriah, Moriah hike with Jeff, John and Michael
Rogers Ledge2965′
South Black Crescent2962′12-11-2022South Black Crescent hike with Jeff and Richard
Owls Cliff2951′
Perry Ponds Peak2948′
West Magalloway2945′
Northwest Black2944′
West Baldface2941′
South Flat2940′
South Doublehead2938′02-06-202Solo Doublehead winter hike
Black (Lincoln)2937′
Big Attitash2936′
South Crystal2930′
West Prospect Hill2930′
Greens Cliff2915′
Cube2909′04-02-2016Cube hike with Michael and Steve

New Hampshire 500 Highest Objective 4×

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