New England 4000 Footers


The New England 4000 Footer list is the list of mountains in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont that are over 4000′ and have a prominence of at least 180′. A certificate and badge can be earned by climbing all 67 of the mountains. I’ve included notes and the dates that I’ve hiked them.

Completed: 67 of 67 (100%)

Washington6288′NH06-24-20122012 Presi traverse with Brennan
Adams5774′NH06-24-20122012 Presi traverse with Brennan
Jefferson5712′NH06-24-20122012 Presi traverse with Brennan
Monroe5384′NH10-05-20132013 Presi traverse with John and Mike
Madison5367′NH06-24-20122012 Presi traverse with Brennan
Baxter5268′ME09-01-20112011 Katahdin hike with Brennan
Lafayette5260′NH06-11-20112011 Franconia Ridge hike with Brennan
Lincoln5089′NH06-11-20112011 Franconia Ridge hike with Brennan
South Twin4902′NH07-27-20132013 Pemi loop with Brennan, Igor, John, Mike and Steve
Carter Dome4832′NH05-31-2014Solo, Carter loop hike
Moosilauke4802′NH07-30-2016Final peak, with Melissa, Madison, Ben, Brennan, Mike, John, Will and Ben
Eisenhower4780′NH10-05-20132013 Presi traverse with John and Mike
North Twin4761′NH07-27-20132013 Pemi loop with Brennan and Igor
Hamlin4756′ME07-04-2015Baxter/Hamlin loop with Madison
Carrigain4700′NH07-05-2013Solo, Carrigain hike
Bond4698′NH07-28-20132013 Pemi loop with Brennan, Igor, John, Mike and Steve
Middle Carter4610′NH05-31-2014Solo, Carter loop hike
West Bond4540′NH07-27-20132013 Pemi loop with Brennan, Igor, John and Mike
Garfield4500′NH07-26-20132013 Pemi loop with Brennan, Igor, John, Mike and Steve
Liberty4459′NH07-26-20132013 Pemi loop with Brennan, Igor, John, Mike and Steve
South Carter4430′NH05-31-2014Solo, Carter loop hike
Wildcat4422′NH06-01-2014Solo, Wildcat A & B hike
Hancock4420′NH09-03-2014Solo, Hancock loop hike
Mansfield4393′VT09-20-2014Pre-Brennan’s wedding Mansfield hike with Brennan and Igor
South Kinsman4358′NH10-01-2014Solo, Kinsmans-Cannon loop hike
Field4340′NH06-16-2012Field and Avalon hike with Branden
Osceola4340′NH08-19-2013Osceolas hike with Branden
Flume4328′NH07-26-20132013 Pemi loop with Brennan, Igor, John, Mike and Steve
South Hancock4319′NH09-03-2014Solo, Hancock loop
Pierce/Clinton4310′NH10-05-20132013 Presi traverse with John and Mike
North Kinsman4293′NH10-01-2014Solo, Kinsmans-Cannon loop hike
Willey4285′NH08-22-2015Solo, Willey hike
Bondcliff4265′NH07-28-20132013 Pemi loop with Brennan, Igor, John, Mike and Steve
Zealand4260′NH11-24-2015Hale/Zealand hike with Mike and Jeff
Sugarloaf4250′ME10-02-2015Spaulding/Sugarloaf hike with Mike and Jeff
Killington4235′VT07-24-2016Solo, Pico and Killington hike
Crocker4228′ME01-24-2016Solo, North Crocker winter hike
North Tripyramid4180′NH09-25-2015Solo, Sandwich Range Traverse
Cabot4170′NH11-15-2015Solo, Cabot loop hike
Old Speck4170′ME08-05-2012Old Speck hike with Henry
East Osceola4156′NH08-19-2013Osceolas hike with Branden
North Brother4151′ME07-09-2016North Brother hike with Madison
West Bigelow4145′ME10-03-2015Bigelow hike with Mike and Jeff
Middle Tripyramid4140′NH09-25-2015Solo, Sandwich Range traverse
Saddleback4120′ME08-24-2013Solo, Saddleback/The Horn hike
Cannon4100′NH10-01-2014Solo, Kinsmans-Cannon loop hike
Avery4090′ME10-03-2015Bigelow hike with Mike and Jeff
Camels Hump4083′VT08-10-2014Monroe Skyline hike with Brennan, John and Mike
Ellen4083′VT08-08-2014Monroe Skyline hike with Brennan, John and Mike
Hale4054′NH11-24-2105Hale/Zealand hike with Mike and Jeff
Jackson4052′NH10-06-20132013 Presi traverse with John and Mike
Tom4051′NH03-08-2015Winter Tom hike with John and Jeff
Abraham4050′ME05-21-2016Solo, Mount Abraham hike
South Crocker4050′ME06-25-2016Solo, Crocker Cirque sunrise hike
Wildcat D4050′NH05-21-2013Wildcat traverse attempt with John and Mike
Moriah4049′NH11-08-2014Solo, Mount Moriah hike
Passaconaway4043′NH09-25-2015Solo, Sandwich Range traverse
Owl’s Head4025′NH 01-09-2016Winter bushwhack with John, Michael and Jeff
Galehead4024′NH07-27-20132013 Pemi loop with Brennan, Igor and John
Saddleback Horn4023′ME08-24-2013Solo, Saddleback/The Horn hike
Whiteface4020′NH09-25-2015Solo, Sandwich Range traverse
Redington4010′ME05-15-2016Solo, logging road bushwhack
Spaulding4010′ME10-02-2015Spaulding/Sugarloaf hike with Mike and Jeff
Abraham4006′VT08-08-2014Monroe Skyline hike with Brennan, John and Mike
Waumbek4006′NH11-22-2015Solo, Mount Waumbek hike
Isolation4004′NH09-10-2014Solo, Mount Isolation hike
Tecumseh4003′NH11-27-2015Solo, Mount Tecumseh hike

AMC Four Thousand Footer Club

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