52 With A View

The New Hampshire 52 with a View list is a list of mountains shorter than 4000 feet but that have spectacular views. It’s not always about getting high!

Completed: 32 of 52 (61.5%)

Sandwich Dome3992′06-05-2016Sandwhich Dome hike
Starr King3915′11-22-2015Mount Waumbek hike
Webster3910′10-06-20132013 Presi Traverse
The Horn3900′11-15-2015Mount Cabot hike
Shelburne Moriah3743′11-13-2016Shelburne Moriah hike
North Baldface3597′06-20-2015Baldfaces hike
South Baldface3576′06-20-2015Baldfaces hikes
Martha (Cherry)3557′
Jennings Peak3493′06-05-2016Sandwich Dome hike
Chocorua3490′01-17-2016Mount Chocorua winter sunrise hike
Stairs3469′07-03-2016Crawford/Resolution/Stairs hike
Avalon3461′06-16-2012Mount Field hike
Resolution3426′07-03-2016Crawford/Resolution/Stairs hike
North Percy Peak3415′  
Tremont3384′02-17-2020Tremont winter hike
Middle Sister3340′03-13-2016Mount Chocorua winter hike
Kearsarge North3269′02-23-2014Mount Kearsarge North winter hike
Smarts3238′04-18-20212021 NH AT hike
North Moat3203′10-01-2017Double Moat traverse trail run
Imp Face3165′  
Crawford3128′07-03-2016Crawford/Resolution/Stairs hike
South Paugus3100′11-21-2020Paugus and Chocorua hike with Jeff an Yudi
North Doublehead / South Doublehead3053′ / 2939′ 02-06-2021 Doublehead winter hike
Eagle Crag3020′  
Shaw2990′11-28-2020Mount Shaw hike with Lindsay
Rogers Ledge2965′
South Cube2916′04-02-2014Mount Cube hike
Willard2850′06-17-2012Mount Willard hike
Black (Benton)2829′  
South Moat2772′02-09-2014South Moat Mountain winter hike 
Potash2691′ 02-17-2014 Mount Potash winter hike
Isreal2636′09-13-2020Mount Israel trail run with Jeff
Welch / Dickey2598′ / 2772′05-03-2014Mount Welch and Mount Dickey hike
Pemigewasset2552′12-19-2016Mount Pemigewasset hike
Hedgehog2543′10-07-2016Hedgehog Mountain trail run
Middle Sugarloaf2538′11-24-2014Sugarloaf Mountain hike
Pine (Gorham)2404′  
Morgan2213′05-05-2018Squam Mountain range trail run
Percival2200′05-05-2018Squam Mountain range trail run 

New Hampshire 52 with a View List overthehillhikers.blogspot.com.

5 thoughts on “52 With A View

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