4K Every Day

The goal of 4K Every Day is to hike a Northeast 4000 Footer each day of the calendar year, including February 29th. Below are the days I’ve completed.

Completed: 86 of 366 (23.5%)

January 02Cannon2015
January 03Flume2016
January 09Owls Head2016
January 13Middle Carter2019
January 14Madison2017
January 24Crocker2016
February 03Cabot2018
February 04Whiteface, NH2017
February 17Jefferson2018
March 11Washington2018
March 18Washington2017
March 19Isolation2016
March 26Monroe2016
April 24Lincoln2016
April 29East Osceola2017
May 15Redington2016
May 21Wildcat D2013
May 28Willey2017
May 29South Crocker2017
May 31Carter Dome2014
June 01Wildcat A2014
June 02Abraham, ME2016
June 03Zealand2018
June 08N. Tripyramid2019
June 09Garfield2018
June 11Lincoln2011
June 15Madison2014
June 16Field2012
June 21Baxter2014
June 24Madison2012
June 25South Crocker2016
June 30Madison2014
July 01Carrigain2016
July 04Baxter2015
July 05Carrigain2013
July 09North Brother2016
July 11South Kinsman2020
July 16Isolation2016
July 20Madison2019
July 24Killington2016
July 26Flume2013
July 28Mansfield2012
July 30Moosilauke2016
August 01Jackson2017
August 05Old Speck2012
August 06Flume2016
August 08Abraham, VT2014
August 13Donaldson2020
August 15Colden2020
August 16Cascade2020
August 19East Osceola2013
August 22Willey2015
August 24Saddleback2013
August 25Jackson2018
August 28Carrigain2020
August 29Adams2015
September 01Baxter2011
September 03South Hancock2014
September 05Flume2020
September 10Isolation2014
September 14Washington2018
September 15Big Slide2016
September 16North Brother2017
September 20Mansfield2014
September 21Tecumseh2018
September 24Lincoln2014
September 25North Tripyramid2015
September 28Bondcliff2018
October 01North Kinsman2014
October 02Spaulding2015
October 03Avery2015
October 04Madison2013
October 11Sugarloaf2020
October 19North Twin2017
November 08Moriah2014
November 10Killington2017
November 15Cabot2015
November 22Waumbek2015
November 24Hale2015
November 27Tecumseh2015
November 29Pierce2016
December 06Jackson2015
December 21Pierce2016
December 24Field2015
December 27North Hancock2016

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