Summit Lists


Some look down on peakbagging because they feel it takes away from hiking. That hiking is fulfilling enough you don’t need other reasons to go. That having number goals leads to completing those goals as quickly as possible and missing out on the experience of hiking. I understand this perspective, but it is not why I peakbag. I don’t feel that peakbagging gets in the way of my wandering. There are, of course, some bragging rights associated with completing a list, but I try to use lists to broaden my experiences. The whole reason many of the peak lists were created was to get people to locations that weren’t the most popular. I doubt that I would have hiked many of the mountains that I have if it weren’t for these lists. Mountains that were as memorable as any of the others I hiked.

New England 4000 Footers

The Grid

New England Hundred Highest

Adirondack 46 High Peaks

New Hampshire 52 with a View

New England 3000 Footers


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