JMT 2017

In early March 2017 a friend and I put in for the Yosemite wilderness permit lottery for a permit in mid-August for 2-4 people for hiking the John Muir Trail for 7 days as well as the permit for hiking Half Dome. You apply for a 21 day period for which your permit could be drawn and your chances of being drawn are 2%. Three days later we had our application drawn and received a permit for 4 people from Happy Isles to Little Yosemite Valley, including 4 permits for Half Dome. I couldn’t believe our luck!

This is going to be a living document for the purpose of planning our trip. Please feel free to comment and give advice.


Flight from Boston to San Francisco

Day 1

Permit pickup by 10 am

Happy Isles

Day 2

Little Yosemite Valley

Day 3

Sunrise Camp

Day 4

Tuolumne Meadows

Day 5

Lyell Fork Bridge

Day 6

Thousand Island Lake

Day 7

Reds Meadow


Exit JMT

Rough Maps:
Day 1 – Happy Isles to Half Dome
Day 2 – Half Dome to Sunrise Camps
Day 3 – Sunrise Camps to Tuolumne Meadows
Day 4 – Tuolumne Meadows to Lyell Fork Bridge
Day 5 – Lyell Fork Bridge to Thousand Island Lake
Day 6 – Thousand Island Lake to Reds Meadow
Day 7 – Reds Meadow to Duck Creak

Google Earth KML Files
PCT Digital Hiker Maps – California H
John Muir Trail: Essential Guide