2022 Summits

Below is a list of all of the summits I’ve hiked in 2022:

Mountain, LocationElevationDateNotes
South Black Crescent, NH2962′12-11-2022Hike: South Black Crescent
Cave Rock, NV6580′08-24-2022Hike: Cave Rock
Madison, NH5367′07-23-2022Hike: Madison Trail Tracing
Red Rock, ME2448′06-19-2022Hike: Red Rock Loop
Butters, ME2241′06-19-2022Hike: Red Rock Loop
Spruce Hill, ME2510′05-21-2022Hike: Speckled Loop
Speckled, ME2887′05-21-2022Hike: Speckled Loop
Blueberry, ME1781′05-21-2022Hike: Speckled Loop
Willard, NH2864′05-14-2022
Becket, MA2178′05-02-2022Hike: Massachusetts AT
Walling, MA2215′05-02-2022Hike: Massachusetts AT
Warner Hill, MA2060′05-01-2022Hike: Massachusetts AT
The Cobbles, MA1870′04-30-2022Hike: Massachusetts AT
Greylock, MA3487′04-30-2022Hike: Massachusetts AT
Williams, MA2953′04-30-2022Hike: Massachusetts AT
Sawyer, ME1213′04-25-2022