2021 Summits

Below is a list of all of the summits I’ve hiked in 2021:

Mountain, LocationElevationDateNotes
Hurricane, NH2100′06-06-2021Hike: Bald Cap, Cranmore, Hurricane
Cranmore, NH1680′06-06-2021Hike: Bald Cap, Cranmore, Hurricane
Bald Cap, NH2369′06-06-2021Hike: Bald Cap, Cranmore, Hurricane
Bald, NY2485′05-15-2021Hike: Taconic Crest Trail
White Rocks, NY2549′05-15-2021Hike: Taconic Crest Trail
Berlin, NY2818′05-15-2021Hike: Taconic Crest Trail
Misery, MA2671′05-15-2021Hike: Taconic Crest Trail
Berry Hill, MA2200′05-15-2021Hike: Taconic Crest Trail
Tower, MA2193′05-15-2021Hike: Taconic Crest Trail
Shaw, NH2585′05-09-2021Bushwhack: The Twins and Shaw
The Twins – North, NH2519′05-09-2021Bushwhack: The Twins and Shaw
Chocorua, NH3490′05-08-2021Hike: Chocorua Traverse
Middle Sister, NH3340′05-08-2021Hike: Chocorua Traverse
Megunticook, ME1385′04-20-2021Hike: Camden Hills
Battie, ME780′04-20-2021Hike: Camden Hills
Cube, NH2909′04-18-2021Hike: AT Trapper John to Gilmans Corner
Smarts, NH3238′04-18-2021Hike: AT Trapper John to Gilmans Corner
Holt Ledge, NH2110′04-17-2021Hike: AT Hanover to Trapper John
North Moose, NH2313′04-17-2021Hike: AT Hanover to Trapper John
South Moose, NH2293′04-17-2021Hike: AT Hanover to Trapper John
Pleasant, ME2006′04-11-2021
Hike: Pleasant Sunrise
Winter Trail Run: Pleasant Mountain
Morse, ME928′03-28-2021Hike: Morse Mountain and Seawall Beach
Hight, NH4675′03-27-2021Hike: Little Wildcat, Carter Dome, Hight
Carter Dome, NH4832′03-27-2021Hike: Little Wildcat, Carter Dome, Hight
Little Wildcat, NH3350′03-27-2021Hike: Little Wildcat, Carter Dome, Hight
Washington, NH6288′02-15-2021Winter Hike: Mount Washington 2021
Duck Pond, NH3340′02-13-2021Winter Hike: Duck Pond Mountain
South Doublehead, NH2938′02-06-2021Winter Hike: Doublehead
North Doublehead, NH3053′02-06-2021Winter Hike: Doublehead