2020 Summits

Below is a list of all of the summits I’ve hiked in 2020:

Mountain, LocationElevationDatesNotes
North Moat, NH3196′09-20-2020Trail race: Beast of the East
Israel, NH2636′09-13-2020Trail run: Mount Israel
Bondcliff, NH4265′09-05-2020Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop
Bond, NH4698′09-05-2020Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop
Guyot, NH4560′09-05-2020Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop
South Twin, NH4902′09-05-2020Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop
Galehead, NH4024′09-05-2020Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop
Garfield, NH4500′09-05-2020Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop
Lafayette, NH5260′09-05-2020Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop
Lincoln, NH5089′09-05-2020Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop
Little Haystack, NH4760′09-05-2020Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop
Liberty, NH4459′09-05-2020Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop
Flume, NH4328′09-05-2020Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop
Carrigain, NH4700′08-28-2020Hike: Carrigain Loop
Porter, NY4059′08-16-2020Hike: ADK 2020
Cascade, NY4098′08-16-2020Hike: ADK 2020
Phelps, NY4161′08-15-2020Hike: ADK 2020
Table Top, NY4427′08-15-2020Hike: ADK 2020
Colden, NY4714′08-15-2020Hike: ADK 2020
Seymour, NY4120′08-14-2020Hike: ADK 2020
Seward, NY4361′08-13-2020Hike: ADK 2020
Emmons, NY4040′08-13-2020Hike: ADK 2020
Donaldson, NY4140′08-13-2020Hike: ADK 2020
Whiteface, Gilford, NH1670′08-09-2020Trail Run: Belknaps
Piper, NH2044′08-09-2020Trail Run: Belknaps
Belknap, NH2382′08-09-2020Trail Run: Belknaps
Gunstock, NH2240′08-09-2020Trail Run: Belknaps
Rowe, NH1680′08-09-2020Trail Run: Belknaps
Bradbury, ME500′08-02-2020Trail Run: Bradbury Mountain
Pleasant, ME2006′07-26-2020Trail Run: 2020 Pleasant
Surplus, ME2940′07-19-2020Trail Run: AT Surplus Mountain
North Kinsman, NH4293′07-11-2020Hike: AT Kinsman Range
South Kinsman, NH4358′07-11-2020Hike: AT Kinsman Range
Wolf, NH3500′07-11-2020Hike: AT Kinsman Range
Tumbledown, ME3054′06-06-2020Hike: Tumbledown 2020
Speckled, ME2906′06-25-2020Trail Run: Speckled Mountain
Cameron, ME811′05-16-2020Trail Run: Camden Hills
Bald Rock, ME833′05-16-2020Trail Run: Camden Hills
Tremont, NH3371′04-17-2020Winter Hike: Tremont
Peaked, NH1739′01-04-2020Winter Hike: Peaked