2018 Summits

Below is a list of all of the summits I’ve hiked in 2018:

Mountain, LocationElevationDatesNotes
Lafayette, NH5260′12-27-2018
Winter Hike: Franconia Loop
Trail Run: 2018 Pemi Loop
Lincoln, NH5089′12-27-2018
Winter Hike: Franconia Loop
Trail Run: 2018 Pemi Loop
Little Haystack, NH4760′12-27-2018
Winter Hike: Franconia Loop
Trail Run: 2018 Pemi Loop
West Bond, NH4540′09-28-2018Hike: Bonds
Bond, NH4698′09-28-2018
Hike: Bonds
Trail Run: 2018 Pemi Loop
Bondcliff, NH4265′09-28-2018
Hike: Bonds
Trail Run: 2018 Pemi Loop
Tecumseh, NH4003′09-21-2018Trail Run: Tecumseh
Madison, NH5367′09-14-2018Trail Run: Northern Presidentials
Adams, NH5774′09-14-2018Trail Run: Northern Presidentials
Jefferson, NH5712′09-14-2018Trail Run: Northern Presidentials
Clay, NH5531′09-14-2018Trail Run: Northern Presidentials
Washington, NH6288′09-14-2018Trail Run: Northern Presidentials
Isolation, NH4003′09-01-2018Trail Run: Monroe & Isolation
Franklin, NH5003′09-01-2018Trail Run: Monroe & Isolation
Monroe, NH5371′09-01-2018Trail Run: Monroe & Isolation
Boott Spur, NH5492′09-01-2018Trail Run: Monroe & Isolation
Whitehorse Ledge, NH1445′08-25-2018Trail Run: Echo, Cathedral & Whitehorse
Cathedral Ledge, NH1149′08-25-2018Trail Run: Echo, Cathedral & Whitehorse
Jackson, NH4052′08-25-2018Hike: Webster & Jackson
Webster, NH3910′08-25-2018Hike: Webster & Jackson
12262, CA12262′08-10-2018Hike: 2018 John Muir Trail
Willard, NH2864′07-03-2018Hike: Mount Willard
Agamenticus, ME692′06-30-2018 
Potash, NH2680′06-24-2018Hike: Potash Mountain
Pleasant, ME2006′06-23-2018
Trail Run: Pleasant Mountain FKT Attempt
Trail Run: Pleasant Mountain Double
Chocorua, NH3478′06-16-2018Trail Run: Chocorua Mountain Race
Douglas, ME1382′06-12-2018
Flume, NH4328′06-09-2018Trail Run: 2018 Pemi Loop
Liberty, NH4459′06-09-2018Trail Run: 2018 Pemi Loop
Garfield, NH4500′06-09-2018Trail Run: 2018 Pemi Loop
South Twin, NH4902′06-09-2018Trail Run: 2018 Pemi Loop
Guyot, NH4580′06-03-2018Trail Run: Zealand/Guyot
Zealand, NH4260′06-03-2018Trail Run: Zealand/Guyot
Bald Pate, ME1150′05-10-2018 
West Rattlesnake, NH1260′05-05-2018Trail Run: Squam Mountain Range
Webster, NH2076′05-05-2018Trail Run: Squam Mountain Range
Doublehead, NH2158′05-05-2018Trail Run: Squam Mountain Range
Squam, NH2223′05-05-2018Trail Run: Squam Mountain Range
Percival, NH2212′05-05-2018Trail Run: Squam Mountain Range
Squam High Point, NH2260′05-05-2018Trail Run: Squam Mountain Range
Morgan, NH2260′05-05-2018Trail Run: Squam Mountain Range
Sawyer, ME1180′05-01-2018Trail Run: Sherwood Libby Trail
Bradbury, ME407′04-29-2018 
Middle, NH1857′04-28-2018Hike: Peaked and Middle
Peaked, NH1739′04-28-2018Hike: Peaked and Middle
Frissell, MA2454′04-14-2018Trail Run: Connecticut State Highpoint
Round, CT2297′04-14-2018Trail Run: Connecticut State Highpoint
King Philip, CT975′04-14-2018Trail Run: Heublein Tower
Washington, NH6288′03-11-2018Winter Hike: Washington via Lion’s Head
Jefferson, NH5712′02-17-2018Winter Hike: Jefferson
Cabot, NH4167′02-03-2018Winter Hike: Cabot