2017 Summits

Below is a list of all of the summits I’ve hiked in 2017:

Mountain, LocationElevationDatesNotes
Pleasant, ME2006′12-22-2017
Winter Hike: Pleasant Mountain
Trail Run: Pleasant Mountain
Mansfield, VT4393′11-10-2017Trail Run: Mansfield
Killington, VT4326′11-10-2017Trail Run: Killington
Galehead, NH4024′10-19-2017Trail Run: Twins and Galehead
South Twin, NH4902′10-19-2017Trail Run: Twins and Galehead
North Twin, NH4761′10-19-2017Trail Run: Twins and Galehead
South (Pawtuckaway), NH908′10-14-2017Trail Race: Vulcan’s Fury
South Moat, NH2770′10-1-2017Trail Run: Double Moat Traverse
Middle Moat, NH2805′10-1-2017Trail Run: Double Moat Traverse
North Moat, NH3196′10-1-2017Trail Run: Double Moat Traverse
Scar Ridge, NH3774′9-21-2017Bushwhack: Scar Ridge
Loon Mountain, NH3064′9-21-2017Bushwhack: Scar Ridge
Fort, ME3868′9-16-2017Hike: Coe, The Brothers and Fort
North Brother, ME4150′9-16-2017Hike: Coe, The Brothers and Fort
South Brother, ME3970′9-16-2017Hike: Coe, The Brothers and Fort
Coe, ME3796′9-16-2017Hike: Coe, The Brothers and Fort
Peak above The Nubble, NH3862′9-14-2017Bushwhack: Peak Above The Nubble
Douglas, ME1382′8-31-2017
Trail Run: Douglas Mountain
Half Dome, CA8839′8-17-2017Hike: John Muir Trail 2017
Peaked, NH1739′8-13-2017
Trail Run: Peaked
Winter Hike: Peaked
Jackson, NH4052′8-1-2017Trail Run: Webster, Jackson and Dry River
Webster, NH3911′8-1-2017Trail Run: Webster, Jackson and Dry River
Moro Rock, CA6725′7-13-2017Roadtrip: Sequoia National Park
Cutler, ME1232′6-27-2017
Trail Run: Mount Cutler
Hike: Mount Cutler
Hedgehog, NH2532′6-24-2017Trail Run: Hedgehog Mountain
Cadillac, ME1529′6-18-2017Trail Run: Cadillac Mountain
Sawyer, ME1213′6-6-2017
Trail Run: Sawyer Mountain
Redington, ME4010′5-29-2017Trail Run: Crockers/Redington
Crocker, ME4228′5-29-2017Trail Run: Crockers/Redington
South Crocker, ME4050′5-29-2017Trail Run: Crockers/Redington
Tom, NH4051′5-28-2017Trail Run: Ethan Pond/Willey Range
Field, NH4340′5-28-2017Trail Run: Ethan Pond/Willey Range
Willey, NH4285′5-28-2017Trail Run: Ethan Pond/Willey Range
Bald Pate, ME1150′5-20-2017
Trail Run: Bald Pate Mountain
Lord Hill, ME1257′5-20-2017Trail Run: Lord Hill
Pine Hill, ME1250′5-20-2017Trail Run: Lord Hill
Blueberry (Stow), ME1781′5-13-2017Trail Run: Shell Pond & Blueberry Mountain
Osceola, NH4314′4-29-2017Hike: Osceolas
East Osceola, NH4157′4-29-2017Hike: Osceolas
Burnt Meadow, ME1775′3-26-2017Sunrise Hike: Burnt Meadow
Washington, NH6288′3-18-2017Winter Hike: Washington
Wonalancet, NH2772′2-4-2017Winter Hike: Whiteface/Passaconaway
Hibbard, NH2940′2-4-2017Winter Hike: Whiteface/Passaconaway
Passaconaway, NH4043′2-4-2017Winter Hike: Whiteface/Passaconaway
Whiteface, NH4020′2-4-2017Winter Hike: Whiteface/Passaconaway
Madison, NH5367′1-14-2017Winter Hike: Mount Madison
South Moat, NH2770′1-7-2017Winter Hike: South Moat Mountain