2012 and Earlier Summits

Below is a list of all of the summits I hiked before 2013:

Mountain, LocationElevationDatesNotes
Old Speck, ME4170′8-5-2012 
Mansfield, VT4393′7-28-2012 
Franklin, NH5001′6-24-20122012 Presi Traverse
Washington, NH6288′6-24-20122012 Presi Traverse
Clay, NH5533′6-24-20122012 Presi Traverse
Jefferson, NH5712′6-24-20122012 Presi Traverse
Adams, NH5774′6-24-20122012 Presi Traverse
Madison, NH5367′6-24-20122012 Presi Traverse
Willard, NH2865′6-17-2012 
Field, NH4340′6-16-2012 
Avalon, NH3442′6-16-2012 
Douglas, ME1382′10-8-2011 
Baxter, ME5268′9-1-2011 
Pamola, ME4902′9-1-2011,
Rattlesnake, ME1035′8-13-2011 
Philo, VT968′7-17-2011,
Lafayette, NH5260′6-11-2011Hike: Franconia Loop 2011
Lincoln, NH5089′6-11-2011Hike: Franconia Loop 2011
Little Haystack, NH4760′6-11-2011Hike: Franconia Loop 2011
Bradbury, ME485′7-10-2010
Hedgehog, NH2532′7-26-2009 
Cadillac, ME1528′9-4-2004