Cerro de la Muerte: The Mountain of Death

Part of the Talamanca Mountain range, Cerro de la Muerte is the highest point in Costa Rica and rises 11,000 feet above sea level. Stories were told by our guide of past journeys and unprepared travelers who succumbed to the cold and rainy weather of the mountain, giving the mountain its ominous name. It is […]

Waiting for the Quetzal

“A long time ago, a great battle ensued between the Spanish conquistadors and the Mayans.  At the moment of the Mayan Chief’s death, the sacred Quetzal fell silent and plummeted to the earth, covering the body of the Mayan Chief with his long, green plumes.  Rising at dawn, the bird was transformed…Its breast had soaked […]

Heading to Savegre Valley

After an early breakfast, we packed up the bus and headed southeast, along the Pan American Highway, towards the first place we would visit: Savegre Valley near Cerro de la Muerte, one of Costa Rica’s highest peaks.  As we drove the 2-hour drive, we got our first glimpses of Costa Rica in the daylight.  Distant mountains hugged […]

Pura Vida

Pura vida: the simple translation is “pure life”…And it is a philosophy of life for the people of Costa Rica.  Pronounced “Poo-rah Vee-dah”, it is an expression of optimism and takes on many meanings depending on its context.  It could mean take it easy, live in the moment, relax, enjoy life, it’s all good…It’s also a philosophy best understood […]

Adios Estados Unidos!

My name is Melissa (or “wife” as I’ve been referred in several of Cade’s blog posts).  In the spirit of wandering, your author has invited me to share with you my own wandering adventure: a 2-week short-term study abroad trip to Costa Rica. I recently had the opportunity to leave my familial responsibilities in the very capable […]