Winter Hike: Doublehead

It was February already and I hadn’t yet gone for a hike. I was getting stir-crazy, so Lindsay convinced me to get to the mountains for my health. I chose to do the Doubleheads as they were the closest New Hampshire 200 Highest peaks I hadn’t done. I got up at 4am and to the trailhead just before sunrise. I was unsure if it was kosher to hike up the ski trail, but there was a sign explaining trail manners for doing so. If I wasn’t redlining, or first person up the mountain, then the best trail up Doublehead was Old Path. But, there was a packed trail from people skinning up and I hardly left a mark. After the ski trail the remaining trails were unbroken, which was specially fun floating down New Path. I added some extra vert by redlining Old Path before heading to South Doublehead.


  • Parked at Doublehead Ski Trail parking off Dundee Road, Jackson, NH
  • Snowshoe up Doublehead Ski Trail to summit of North Doublehead
  • Turn right on Old Path to intersection with New Path
  • Turn right on Old Path to intersection with Doublehead Ski Trail and return to previous intersection
  • Turn right on New Path to Summit of South Doublehead and continue to intersection with South Doublehead View Spur
  • Turn left on South Doublehead View Spur to view and return to intersection
  • Turn left on New Path and follow to Dundee Road
  • Turn right on Dundee Road and follow back to parking



Date: 06 February 2021
Distance: 5.0 miles
Moving Time: 02:32:19
Pace: 30:35/mile
Elevation Gain: 2746′

Tracing White Mountains Trails:
Doublehead Ski Trail
Old Path
New Path
South Doublehead View Sput

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