Trail Run: Eastern Belknaps

This summer I attempted to run all of the Belknap Range mountains in a single run, but bailed because I didn’t bring enough water. I returned to run the mountains I missed for a long training run. It was a beautiful day and the trails were runnable.


  • Parked at Straightback Mountain Trail on Jesus Valley Road in Alton, NH
  • Hiked Straightback Mountain Trail to Jesus Valley Trail
  • Straight on Jesus Valley Trail to Main Trail
  • Ran right on Main Trail to Mount Major and then back to Quarry Spur Trail
  • Right on Quarry Spur Trail to Quarry Trail
  • Right on Quarry Trail to North Straightback Mountain, East Quarry Mountain, West Quarry Mountain, Mount Rand, Mount Klem, and back to intersection with Red Trail
  • Right on Red Trail to Mount Mack and Mount Anna
  • Left on Blue Trail to Straightback Mountain
  • Right on Straightback Mountain Trail back to parking area



Date: 27 September 2020
Distance: 10.1 miles
Moving Time: 03:08
Pace: 18:33/mile
Elevation Gain: 2958′

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