Hike: 2020 Pemi Loop

In early September, Jeff and I did a Pemi Loop. It was my 4th Pemi Loop, but I went because I rarely pass up the opportunity for this epic hike, and to fill out some of my September Grid. It was Jeff’s first 24-hour attempt of the loop, which is required for the Northeast Ultra 8 list. We parked the evening before and hiked up Eastside Trail and camped in the woods to get a nice early start on the hike (and we were unable to get a campsite in the area). It was a fabulous day full of hikers and runners doing the loop, many of which we saw multiple times and cheered each other on.


  • Parked Lincoln Woods Visitor Center on Kancamagus Highway, Lincoln, NH
  • Hiked Lincoln Woods Trail to intersection with Osseo Trail
  • Left on Osseo Trail to Mount Flume and Mount Liberty
  • Continue on Franconia Ridge Trail to Mount Lincoln, Mount Lafayette
  • Continue on Garfield Ridge Trail to Mount Garfield and Galehead Hut
  • Right on Frost Trail to Mount Galehead summit and back
  • Right on Twinway Trail to South Twin and to intersection with Bondcliff Trail
  • Continue on Bondcliff Trail to Mount Bond, Bondcliff, and down to Wilderness Trail
  • Right on Wilderness Trail to Lincoln Woods Trail
  • Continue on Lincoln Woods Trail back to parking



Date: 05 September 2020
Distance: 29.6 miles
Moving Time: 12:48:29
Pace: 25:59/mile
Elevation Gain: 9273′

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