Trail Run: Camden Hills

Camden Hills State Park

As part of our 50k training, Lindsay and I had a 14-mile long run to complete and decided to visit Camden Hills State Park to get in a combination of trail running and hiking. We’d been stuck in Portland for the previous two months due to Covid-19, and this was our first day-trip to get away and forgot things for a few hours.


  • Parked at Camden Hills State Park off Route 1 in Camden, ME
  • Ran Ski Shelter Trail to Bald Rock Trail
  • Turned right and hiked Bald Rock Trail to summit of Bald Rock Mountain and down to Frohock Mountain Trail
  • Turned left on Forhock Mountain Trail and connected back to Ski Shelter trail
  • Turned left and ran Ski Shelter Trail and ran back to Cameron Mountain Trail
  • Turned right on Cameron Mountain Trail and ran to Cameron Mountain and retraced back to Ski Shelter Trail
  • Turned right on Ski Shelter Trail and ran back toward parking
  • Ran up and down Megunticook Trail for extra miles before returning to parking lot



Date: 16 May 2020
Distance: 14.1 miles
Moving Time: 03:08:24
Pace: 13:23/mile
Elevation Gain: 2264′

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