Hike: Doubletop Mountain


We started this hike from our campsite at Nesowadnehunk Field Campground, which is about 16 miles north of the Baxter State Park south entrance. We took Doubletop Trail to the summit of the north peak and then returned to our campsite.

This hike was around 6.25 miles with 2400′ of elevation gain. It took us just about 5 hours to hike to the northern summit of Doubletop Mountain and back.

Trail map

Map of hike (interactive map)


When I got back from hiking North Brother with my older son I started a campfire and cooked lunch. My younger son wanted to hike a mountain since everyone else had, so we set off from our campsite at 2:45 pm to hike Doubletop Mountain. The trail started from the Nesowadnehunk Field Campground, so all we had to do was up and go.

The Doubletop Trail began on flat ground through dense forest and gradually climbed to the Little Nesowadnehunk Stream crossing. On the far side of the stream the trail climbed steeply up the northern flank of Doubletop Mountain. Our pace was slow since my son had to climb over large boulders and stop often to rest. After much rigor the trail began to flatten and I thought we were approaching to summit. That’s when I spotted a sign for the summit that said we had another mile, ugh!

Most of the remaining mile was a gentle climb through mossy forest. Closer to the summit the trail was moderately steep again with some more rock climbing.

Boy climbing metal ladder up larger boulder

Climbing a metal ladder near the summit

We got to the summit at 5:10 pm, and my son rushed ahead to proclaim that he was the first in our family to summit Doubletop Mountain!

Boy standing on top of mountain

Celebrating on Doubletop Mountain’s north summit

Unfortunately the clouds were still thick and there was no view to behold. We started toward the south peak of Doubletop Mountain, but it was getting late. We stopped for a snack in the lee of a boulder and then headed back.

While retracing our route along the ridge, the clouds began to clear and we finally had views over the valley to Mount Katahdin.

Clouds and mountain tops

Clouds began to clear between the two tops of Doubletop Mountain

My son was amazed by the sight of Mount Katahdin poking above the clouds.

Boy looking over clouds to distant mountain

Looking across the valley at Mount Katahdin

I urged my son along on flatter sections on our way back to our campsite, but the steep sections slowed us down again. He didn’t have any issues with the hike, but he needed to carefully climb down the boulder that were huge steps for me.

We got back to the easy trail beyond the Little Nesowadnehunk Stream as the light was getting low and returned to the start of the trail at 7:45 pm. My wife and older son were waiting for us near the trailhead, worried because it was taking so long for us to return. We were safe, but it turn out to be quite a vigorous hike. We returned to our campsite for another campfire and dinner.

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.
—Andy Rooney


Video of Doubletop Mountain hikeVideo of Doubletop Mountain hike
Music from Free Music Archive: “Step On” by Jahzzar


  • The mountains around and including Mount Katadhin are referred to as Katahdinauguoh, which Henry David Thoreau recorded as meaning “mountains around Ktaddn”
  • There is a plaque commemorating Keppele Hall below the northern summit of Doubletop Mountain. His wife, Fanny Hall, was involved in the suffrage movement and was the first American woman to serve as a foreman of a grand jury
  • Nesowadnehunk is Abenaki and means “swift stream between mountains”


Date Hiked: 9 July 2016
Temperature: 50°s
Trail Conditions: damp, wet, mud
Weather: overcast and overcast
Wind: breezy

Highest Elevation: 3489′
Elevation Gain: 2400′
Distance: 6.2 miles
Book Time: 4:20
Actual Time: 5:00

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